The best Christmas decorations

A house that once had a red door has been decorated with hundreds of Christmas cookies, with the icing being a snow globe.

The festive holiday is expected to kick off on Wednesday.

The decoration was part of a project on the walls of the house by artist Alina Elbaz.

“The house was built in 1920, so it is a bit old.

The decorations are all from the 1920s,” Elbzas mother-in-law, Sabrina, told Al Jazeera.

“I like to keep the house in its old age and look back at the times and memories of the past.

It is very emotional.”

The house has been renovated, and is a lovely addition to the family home in the suburb of Nusaybin.

The walls have a number of Christmas lights, and Elbaza has created an art project for each room.

Elbazi has also been working on a house that is similar to her own.

“It is a Christmas house with a garden in it.

It has a big garden, and a lot of trees.

It will be open for the whole family to enjoy,” Elbezas said.”

This house has a lot going for it,” Elsabi told Aljazeera.

“It is very modern and contemporary, with lots of decorations.”

Christmas decorations are also part of the family tradition in the village.

“The mother in law said, ‘The house is our home, and it has to be decorated with Christmas decorations,'” Elbazar said.

The family has built a new, much larger house, with many of the decorations already installed.

The decorations come with a price tag, however, as the decorations cost the family between 200,000 and 400,000 Rupees ($25 to $100).

“I think that it is quite expensive,” Elsbaz told AlJazeera.

The house also has a history of its own, having been decorated in a similar fashion by her mother-to-be.

“When I was a child, I remember my grandmother saying, ‘You must have seen our Christmas decorations.’

That is how my mother used to decorate,” Elstabi told The New York Times.

“When she started to decorating this house, she had to buy the decorations herself.”

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