How the Grinch Can Make a Grave Sign on Your Lawn

In an attempt to lure in new visitors, the Grinches have been popping up everywhere in Australia. 

In a country where most people don’t realise how important the holidays are, we’ve got a lot of grinches on our doorstep. 

So how can you spot them?

Well, it’s all in the timing. 

While the Grins are in Australia, they’re usually on their own. 

The Grinch’s most common location is in the backyard of a house, but they’ll also be in the street, in your car or even on the beach. 

What’s important is that the Grinters are not too close to you, so you can’t tell what they’re up to. 

This can mean the Grinchers are looking for a pet, but also means they’re looking for someone to come and visit them. 

If they’re not looking for you, you can also tell if the Grinning is an Australian Grinch by their behaviour. 

When the Grinty is looking for something, they’ll generally be acting like a Grinch, as they’ll look for a person to come visit them or just go outside to look for food. 

You’ll also notice that they’re more likely to jump up and down, than the normal Grinch. 

But don’t let the grinch scare you off! 

You can always call police and report a sighting. 

Sometimes a Grincher can be very territorial. 

For example, they can jump up on you and bite you, but you’ll also know if they’re really looking for food, as it’s a sign they’re trying to find someone to visit. 

Or if they think you’re the bad guy, they might try and attack you and steal your car. 

A Grinch can be particularly dangerous if you’re on a family holiday and are unaware that they exist. 

They’re also a very common sight in Australia’s parks and nature areas, where people have noticed them.

If you see one in your backyard, make sure you don’t get too close and don’t look too closely. 

Also, don’t assume that they are all there to steal your food.

If they are, it might be because they are just looking for someplace to play. 

Most Grinch sightings will start with a ‘grinch’ looking for things to grab. 

Then the grincher will go outside and wait for the person to approach. 

As the person approaches, they will grab something and run off. 

It’s a bit like a cat chasing a mouse. 

Eventually, the person will return and the grinking grinch will leave. 

Grinch sightings in the wild There are a few things you can do to prevent your family being a grinch.

The first thing you should do is not look closely at any grinch that approaches you, unless you’re absolutely sure it’s the real thing. 

Next, keep your car windows up. 

Make sure you have a griffin or a cat-shaped griffin on your dashboard. 

And be sure to look away from windows when it’s sunny, as the grins can sometimes be sneaky. 

There are other things you could do to keep grinches at bay, such as keeping a close eye on your neighbours and cars. 

Finally, if you have kids, it would be wise to have them walk on the road at all times. 

We have to admit, we don’t know if grinch sightings are happening to our children, but we do know they are.

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