A look at Australia’s wall art, decor and other local history

I can see why people may find it interesting, particularly if you’re interested in Victorian history, architecture and art.

But what about the wall art?

Here’s a look at some of the more notable pieces, both local and national.

Canberra: The city’s iconic Swanston Street is decorated by the late Adelaide-based architect, Norman Foster, who designed the iconic St Mary’s Cathedral.

Flower and Garden City: Melbourne architect Robert Hall, who was known for his distinctive design of Victorian garden walls, is known for creating the iconic Victorian Flower and Garden cityscape.

Victoria’s Stirling Bridge was designed by the famous British architect John Stirling in 1909, and is currently used as a tourist attraction.

Hobart: One of the city’s most recognisable landmarks is the Hobart Library, built in 1901.

Wattle Park: The Victorian town of Wattle is located in Tasmania’s Northern Territory.

Pegasus Gardens: Located in Melbourne’s west, Pegasus Gardens is one of the state’s largest parks, and was built by the Australian artist John Wattle in 1902.

St Albans: The largest public park in Victoria, St Albans is home to Victorian gardens and a large number of native animals.

Melbourne’s iconic Tower of London is also one of Australia’s most visited attractions, and has been a popular attraction for visitors since the mid-20th century.

The Victorian Cityscape is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is one reason why the city is recognised as a global city.

Wall Art Australia: This website lists some of Australia ‘s largest and most distinctive wall art.

You can view wall art at the following venues: The Victoria Exhibition Centre: This public exhibition of art, architecture, architecture history and landscape design is held at the Victoria Exhibition Gallery in Melbourne every year.

It’s open to the public, and includes works by the likes of John Caird, John Paul Getty, Robert Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright and John Galliano.

Festival of Art: This is an annual public art exhibition in Melbourne, which is held in partnership with Melbourne Museum of Art.

It is open to everyone and attracts around 100,000 visitors each year.

Carrara Arts Centre: The Carrara Arts Center is a community arts hub in Melbourne and has the largest collection of artworks in Australia.

The Art Gallery of Melbourne is located at the centre, and the centre’s collection includes some of Victoria’s most significant works of art.

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