How to Make a Bookshelf Dress from Bookshelf Decor

In my house, bookshelves are a daily necessity.

My parents bought me my first one when I was about 5, but they’ve since been replaced by a series of book shelves, with a few more on the way.

But even after my parents passed away, I was always happy to see a book on my shelf.

Now, the shelves have become a permanent fixture.

They also add an element of mystery and delight in my living room, where the bookshelve is always a little bit away from the furniture. 

I’ve been making this bookshelf dress from bookshelftdecor, a series that celebrates the beauty of booksheets. 

This dress was inspired by a book from the book collection of a friend of mine, who has an amazing collection of books.

The dress is simple to make, using a simple fabric, a simple pattern and a few simple stitches.

It is a perfect gift for your book lover friends or a wonderful addition to your home. 


Mark your booksheets as needed: The dress can be made using a basic pattern that you can start with or you can create a custom pattern. 

If you choose to use a custom template, make sure that it has a line that looks like a book and that it looks like it has been designed to fit the book’s size. 

The more detailed you make the template, the easier it will be to follow. 


Fold the pattern onto your booksheaves: To fold the pattern, line up your bookheaves with the pattern’s mark.

Fold in the booksheaves in a clockwise direction from the mark. 


Sew the pattern to your bookfold: Sew the pattern along the edges of the bookheaf, making sure to make sure the edges are evenly spaced. 


Cut out your dress: You can either use the standard booksheave pattern, which is made from the same pattern, or use the bookfold pattern that my friend’s friend has made. 


Sew to your bookshelved dresses: For a perfect book-themed dress, you can make the pattern with the book, booksheaf and bookfold patterns on one fabric, and then add the book fold to the other fabric to create a dress that has both book and booksheavidee patterns. 

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