When a Halloween-themed wall comes to life in your home

Halloween decorations are no longer just for kids.

Now, some homes even have themed decorations to fit the holiday spirit. 

But for many homeowners, Halloween is not the time of year when decorating. 

“The holidays are a time of reflection and change for our family,” says Jennifer Stoll, owner of Tornado Alley, a home decor shop in the heart of Chicago’s West Side. 

So, Stoll’s family decided to put on a costume party and let guests decorate their homes. 

 “It’s something that we did with my mother,” says Stoll.

“She was really into the Halloween spirit.

It was a really big thing.” 

“I have so many Halloween parties,” says mom and daughter Nicole and Alex Stoll at home decorating the house they share with their mother. 

The Stolls also decorated the kitchen table for their daughter, Nicola, with Halloween themed wood, which she had grown fond of growing up. 

Stoll wanted to create a home that was welcoming and emotional, and decided to decorate with her family. 

She says the idea came about when the family decided to go Halloween in November, when it was colder and the weather was a little more extreme. 

When the family went back to their home, they realized it was a great way to honor the holiday and their family, Stoller says. 

Nicolas’ story also inspired Nicia to make her own decorations. 

With Nicias blessing, Alex and Nicole decorated the house with paintings of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

And, Nicholas even added a ghost to the house for a special occasion. 

Nichola and Alex also decorated their kitchen table with Halloween decorations to celebrate Halloween. 

Now, the Stoll have been sharing Halloween decorations with the family, and they also are planning a Halloween party to celebrate the end of the season. 

In the meantime, they are looking forward to Halloween again in 2018. 

You can find more information about Nicoline Stoltz’s decorative party on NicoliaStoltzes.com. 

Follow Nicolie Stoller on Instagram and Twitter

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