New York’s Baby Room Decor is Out, Here’s What You Need to Decorate Your Apartment

New York City residents are in for a surprise when it comes to baby room decor next year.

The New York Post reports that apartment owners will be able to decorate their units in this year’s New Year’s Eve, Christmas, New Year and New Year Eve festivities with a “grinch gift” of baby-sized stuffed animals, and the New Year is actually the perfect time to decorat with a gift.

The Post reports the baby room decorations will be available for a limited time beginning Jan. 1, 2018, and will include a stuffed animal, a birthday card, birthday cupcake, a Christmas tree and the aforementioned baby room furniture.

There will also be a variety of other baby themed décor, including stuffed animals and a birthday party.

New York has long been known as a baby-friendly city, and many New Yorkers will likely enjoy getting in on the “griffin” spirit by decorating their homes with stuffed animals.

A number of major companies, including Walmart,, Walmart, the New York Times, and others, have also created their own baby room décor for New Year.

This year, some of these baby room items include a gift basket with a baby figurine, a giant stuffed animal with a smiling face and a snowman in a Christmas stocking.

Some Baby Room items will also include a mini-gift basket and a Christmas card.

The Post reports some apartment owners who have purchased baby room furnishings and other baby room accessories have also been able to gift the items with baby themed decor.

It’s unclear if there will be any changes to existing baby room rentals this year. 

The Post notes that many apartment buildings have already been given the green light to make some changes to baby rooms this year, but not everyone will be pleased with the changes.

New Yorkers have been known to complain about baby room noise during the holiday season.

Many New Yorkers are likely to be disappointed with the baby rooms that have been designed this year that feature large stuffed animals as the centerpieces. 

However, some Baby Room decorating professionals and others are saying that the baby-themed decor should be given the final say over how the decor is created. 

“A lot of baby room owners have been very vocal about the need for baby room space, and they have been really vocal about it, so we are trying to help them with their concerns,” said Elizabeth Tappan, an interior decorator with Aventura, the company that will be creating the baby theme in the apartment community.

“They really want to be part of it.

We want to give them the ability to decide if they want it to be a baby room or not.”

Tappan said she and her team will work closely with baby room staff and their families, and she said they will have more information about the baby decorations and baby room decoration guidelines coming in January.

 For more baby room news, visit our baby room hub.

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