Why you should decorate your team’s locker room

We’re all familiar with locker rooms, but what about the outside spaces that are reserved for team-mates?

There are some great reasons to decorate the space, but here are 10 more fun things to decorating the walls and ceilings.


Wall of Champions A wall of champions is a classy way to honor a player or team that has been successful, which is exactly what the New York Rangers did with their locker room.

This wall was designed to remind everyone of how good the Rangers are.

The team has been in the playoffs five straight years and their current streak is five games.

The wall features the players names and team colors, a custom jersey and a custom cap.


New York Devils Wall of Shame An old-school look that’s a must for any Devils fan.

It’s the team’s home arena, and it has an old-timey feel to it.

It features the old-timers name, a number, a legend and a quote.

The Devils have won three straight Stanley Cups and their jerseys have always had a nice vintage look.


New Jersey Devils Wall Of Hope An amazing wall of hope!

The Devils are one of the most recognizable teams in the league, so it was important to have a wall of inspiration.

This Wall Of Dreams is a great way to keep fans in the mood.

Fans can see the current standings and current season standings, as well as the standings from the previous season.

It also features a quote from the current Devils captain.


Pittsburgh Penguins Wall Of Emotion It’s time to celebrate your Penguins’ success!

The Penguins are currently tied for the Eastern Conference lead and they have a great fan base that would be happy to see a mural on their home ice.

The mural features the current and previous Pittsburgh players, a quote and a photo of the Penguins’ current captain Sidney Crosby.


Toronto Maple Leafs Wall Of Shame An inspiring wall that would inspire many Leafs fans.

The Leafs are in the midst of a historic rebuild, and they are looking to build on their success and reach their goal of becoming the No. 1 seed in the Eastern conference.

This mural includes a quote of former Maple Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen, and a picture of him with his wife.


Detroit Red Wings Wall Of Promise A wall dedicated to a former Red Wings player and current teammate who was a fan favorite for years.

The Red Wings were the first NHL team to sign Brendan Shanahan to a 10-year contract in 2006, and the mural features a picture and quote from former Red Wing Brendan Shanahan.


Dallas Stars Wall Of Pride An inspiring mural that showcases a young woman’s dedication to the team and its fans.

This is a mural that celebrates the young women that have represented the Stars for years, and includes the players’ names and jersey numbers.


Buffalo Sabres Wall Of Courage This mural features an image of the Sabres’ newest player Connor McDavid, who has been on the team for four seasons.

The Buffalo Sabres will have a very young roster and need to use the talent that has emerged in recent years.

This team has a very bright future and I would hope that their fans can see it through the mural.


St. Louis Blues Wall Of Victory This wall is an amazing tribute to St. Charles’ Stanley Cup championship in 2017.

The Blues will have to rebuild this season, but it is a must to get a mural done in honor of this team.

This image of Blues legend Brian Elliott, who was on the ice for the championship, is featured on the wall.


New England Patriots Wall Of Celebration A wall that is dedicated to the Patriots fans.

It is a tradition for the Patriots to have an in-person wall, so this wall was created to honor those who have been with the franchise since the 1960s.

This includes a team banner, jerseys and a team logo.

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