New York City Halloween costume rules are a little confusing

From the Globe And Magazine: Halloween decorations and decorating supplies should be purchased from a reputable vendor.

The rules, published by the city Department of Consumer Affairs, include a requirement that anyone making Halloween decorations must obtain a certificate of registration from the city.

It is not required to have the city-issued certificate with the name of the person doing the decoration, nor is it required to be licensed to sell or deliver decorations, such as pumpkin patches, to the public.

The city is requiring people to use a registered vendor.

In addition, anyone who makes Halloween decorations or decorations from scratch will be required to obtain a certification from the department that the person has not been convicted of a felony in the past year.

This certification is the first step in a formal process for people who are planning to make costumes for the holiday.

In an email, the city said that all the decorations and decorations are being checked against a registry that lists licensed businesses and individuals that are certified to sell the items.

Anyone who has received a certificate will be allowed to purchase the decorations from a licensed vendor.

All of the decorations must be accompanied by a valid photo ID and a photo identification card from the municipality.

“There is a requirement to obtain the certification, which is a process that is not part of the registration process,” said a spokesperson for the department.

“This is to protect the safety of all the participants.”

A person who wants to make a costume or a mask that can be worn for Halloween is not going to have to go through the registration, said the spokesperson.

“People are going to be able to make their own costumes and masks and the only requirements for those are that the costumes are made of natural materials, they’re safe and they’re not going anywhere,” he said.

“That’s not going into the city’s inventory.”

A spokesperson for city officials said that if you do not have the appropriate photo ID or photo identification, you can purchase a mask online.

But the department’s new rules do not apply to the Halloween decorations that are sold by licensed vendors and cannot be purchased online.

They also do not include a blanket or any other items that are meant to be worn with the costume, such a mask or hat.

There is no restriction on the type of decorations you can make.

“The city does not regulate Halloween decorations,” said the department spokesperson.

However, the department said that anyone who is purchasing a costume for a family can also purchase a costume at a licensed place and do so by themselves.

The department also said that in the event of a fire, the costume can be destroyed and then cleaned up by a licensed person.

“All of these things are available to you,” said Jennifer Mather, the spokesperson for New York’s Department of Financial Services.

“It’s really up to you how you choose to do it, how you dress it up and how you dispose of it.

It’s a little more difficult to do in person than online.”

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