Why I’m obsessed with house decor in the summertime

You may not have seen this one coming, but I am, and I am not joking.

My boyfriend, a professional photographer, and we decided to get the summer off and do some house decor.

The reason I did that is because we have grown up in a home without windows, but we love being outdoors and we like to make our own decorations.

We did a lot of the decor on our porch and wanted to try and recreate some of the things we had seen on our friends’ walls in their living rooms.

This was our first time doing this so we didn’t know exactly how to do the decor.

We started with a simple wooden box and a few simple, decorative items we found in our local hardware store.

Then we added more decorations as we went along and ended up having a little over 50 pieces total.

Here are some of my favorites: I had a big ol’ fireplace for when I wanted to play outside in the backyard while we were at the lake.

We wanted to put a large mirror and a bookcase over it to see what the weather was like.

We had a small metal table with a big bookcase that was set up to play cards, so we had the perfect place for a photo shoot.

The little table also had a mirror that would be used for a picture shoot if needed.

We added a little window so we could see the sun setting over the lake or the sunsets coming in from our balcony.

We also added a few old bookshelves to hang our favorite books.

We decided to go with a very simple, black and white wood-grain wall that we liked.

It had some really nice natural grain, and it also looked really nice when we finished the decorations.

It was perfect for just hanging on the wall and enjoying the sun and the scenery.

The biggest thing I did to make it look like a fireplace was to make the wood grain look like the wood in a fireplace.

The picture of the fireplace looked so beautiful that it gave the entire room a very cozy feeling.

We put a bunch of little lanterns in the corners and added a small mirror that we were going to use to take photos of the sunset when we took the pictures.

We hung a little lantern with a book that would make the fireplace glow when we lit it up.

We even added a bit of a small wooden box for a book.

This little corner of the room was also a little bit of fun for us because we had a lot going on outside, and a little space that was filled with things that were really cute.

We really enjoyed putting the wooden box in the corner of this corner of our house, and then we put our other corner in the house to have a nice little spot for the sun to set and our little garden to grow in.

We loved hanging on to the wooden boxes so we would always have something to hang on to.

We were able to keep the space warm by putting our patio furniture inside the wooden shelves to keep it warm.

We made a little table with two chairs, two chairs that were also chairs, and one table with one chair, and some little table covers.

We kept adding more books and decorations throughout the house, which is always fun.

We ended up getting so many ideas for the rest of the house.

This is just a very small part of what we did, but it was so fun and rewarding.

We definitely made some mistakes that we are happy to fix, but all of our mistakes were for the best and we ended up making some great memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Have you ever done something like this?

What did you make?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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